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Plasterer plastering a wall Decorater plastering a ceiling

Plastering your walls to prepare for decoration

Professional Plastering

Patch up and smooth out your walls today

If you have any damaged or scratched walls that need repairs or smoothing out so you can decorate, look no further than P & D Decorators.


We have been members of the Guild of Master Plasters since 1974 and are more than capable of providing the best high-quality plastering services available.

•  Plastering your walls helps to smooth and repair damage and prepare them for decorating

•  Once plastered, we can help you decide if you would rather use paint and wallpaper / wall coverings to decorate your property.

•  For all of our services, we provide a free, no obligation quotation. Call today to arrange our services.

Plastering, painting and decorating services:


For all of your plastering needs and requirements, call today: 01243 264 728

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